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About with the latest high quality selection of polyphonic ringtones, Nokia Java Games and Nokia Wallpapers

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uk chart ringtonesUK Chart
popular ringtonesMost Popular
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Motorola T720i Series Review - a detailed review with user comments about the Motorola T720i.

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Motorola T720i Reviews

Share great moments in glorious colour with the smart digital camera. Get creative and enjoy photo messaging – with enhanced messaging services (EMS), send graphics, sound and animation. Revel in the richer sound of polyphonic ringtones, enjoy big-screen colour and convertible covers.

Put everyone in the picture! Connect the easy-to-use digital camera, get snapping and share colour photos instantly. The large colour screen doubles as a camera viewfinder to help frame the perfect photo. Want to show off your latest look? Take a quick self-portrait with the rotating lens.

Photo Messaging
Send a photo, share the emotion or say more with EMS - add animation, sound and pictures. Find out more

Conquer the circuit with MotoGP™! Beat your best time to take the chequered flag. Find out more

Polyphonic Ringtones
Stay upbeat with richer preloaded ringtones and a great selection of downloads. Find out more

Colour Display
Watch your pictures, games and animated messages come to life in colour.

Reviews Submitted

Date: 0-/-1/2004
Time: 02: 2
From: David Hardman
Comments: i think it's a really good phone. it has colour, camera, polyphonic ringtones. i rate it 8 out of 10.

Date: 8-/-0/2004
Time: 12: 1
From: charlene
Comments: Can I use the abovementioned instructions for uploading and printing photographs from my camera and where can I get all instructions regarding this

Date: 8-/-0/2004
Time: 04: 0
From: Stephen Ferguson
Comments: Where do i go to download rings for the phone and also other stuff

Date: 6-/-0/2004
Time: 24: 0
From: irfankiaani
this is a bad quality mobile i have used it for only 1 month and come to know that it's sound is not very high. the person who had buy it i will ask him not to buy it beacause might it is a good mobile but in mine opnien it is not good its betry life is little its sms works a little . its coverage is a good it dont have any camera its ring tones a good but not so its enimations are not good also........

Date: 5-/-0/2004
Time: 15: 2
From: Marina
Comments: I wish I could know if there´s other way to send pictures to your computer. Through an USB cable, but using which software??
Thank you

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Colour Animations
Top Review
Sagem Myx 5
"sagem Myx5, is one of the best and reliable phone that doesn,t dissapoint.but i had one problem with my phone sagem Myx5.the (IRDA) on it doesn,t work..."
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