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Nokia 6600 Series Review - a detailed review with user comments about the Nokia 6600.

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Nokia 6600 Reviews

The Nokia 6600 phone features new advanced imaging features, including a bright 65,536-color TFT display and camera equipped with digital zoom.

These complement a built-in video recorder with audio and a RealOne player for playback and streaming of 3GPP-compatible and RealMedia video clips.

Multimedia functions are enhanced by templates for MMS messages and a Media Gallery for organizing digital content captured or downloaded with the phone.

Advances in phone features include support for Java™ MIDP 2.0, True Tones, themes, and personalization of clock and calendar sounds.

Reviews Submitted

Date: 7-/-0/2006
Time: 13: 0
From: sundar
Comments: Is there any way to hear fmradio without gprs or internet by using nokia6600,will any software support nokia6600 for hearing Fm Radio.i need some help for getting suitable software .

Date: 3-/-0/2006
Time: 05: 1
From: shrikant
Comments: hey the phone is very good but all its missing is the fm radio can some body help me out!!!!!!!

Date: 2-/-0/2006
Time: 19: 0
From: John Wong
Comments: I just bought it. So at this moment there is no coment.

Date: 1-/-1/2005
Time: 28: 2
From: Pushpendra Uprety
Comments: Gifted this phone to my dad, and voila what do I see .. within a few weeks an add on television wherein a son is telling about this phone to his dad.
Anyways the features are great and now comes with a 64kb card with inbuilt goodies. Bluetooth feature is soo great and one can pass on notes in the class as sms via it and that too free. Otherwise a good and handy phone with good loudspeaker and clarity. Good camera and classy handsfree.

Date: 7-/-0/2005
Time: 20: 1
From: kash4u

Date: 2-/-1/2004
Time: 14: 1
From: Adam
Comments: This phone is truly great bluetooth, video, camera and much more. I recommend this to any buyer.

Date: 1-/-1/2004
Time: 23: 0
From: archu bach
Comments: really beautiful, u can only dream of it

Date: 1-/-1/2004
Time: 14: 1
From: mack
Comments: this phone is a winner. all the best features of nokia is in here. only one thing missing... the RADIO!!!!!!! how can we get this feature in our nokia 6600??? i've already installed almost every software i can think of but there is no RADIO software i can use for this unit.. Hope someone would help us and give us some software for this...

Date: 1-/-1/2004
Time: 13: 1
From: sam
Comments: can anyone tell me how i can make the video any longer than 10 seconds

Date: 1-/-1/2004
Time: 11: 0
From: Sreenivas Kumar
Comments: Yesterday (10.11.2004) I have purchased the cell phone.This is the best phone I had ever used. The features are very good and it will take few days to understand entire features

Date: 0-/-1/2004
Time: 10: 1
From: Gokul Guruprasad
Comments: This Nokia 6600 for me is just a phone trying to masquerade as a PDA. It is nowhere close to what a PDA can do. But, it is a good phone all in all. They should have added a touch-sensitive display. But, I would advice you guys to buy this phone if all you need is basic PDA functionality. If you want more, you must try getting a phone like an XDA. The N6600 is not for me though, coz' I believe in a PDA.

Date: 0-/-1/2004
Time: 06: 1
From: adil
Comments: i m using this set from the starting of the day when nokia lounch it in market.its realy have too good featurs have well resolution n well on cheap price to get these all featurs by nokia..:):):)

Date: 0-/-1/2004
Time: 04: 1
From: Khwaja
Comments: This Nokia 6600 is very good Handset, it got all the advance fetures except FM Radio, if this FM Radio was install in this HandSet, Then i can say the Nokia's Best Product is non other then Nokia 6600.

Date: 9-/-0/2004
Time: 26: 1
From: lee
Comments: Can anyone tell me how I change the text size as I find the default size hard to read

Date: 7-/-0/2004
Time: 21: 1
From: omer karamuk
Comments: It excellent smartphone but why doesn't have Fm radio module.if next version has include Fm module every one will want to get it.

Date: 7-/-0/2004
Time: 16: 1
From: Muarrif
Comments: The Nokia 6600 is a great phone with functionality packed to the top. A large colour screen at high resolution. Exceptionally good quality built-in camera with 2X Optical zoom. Includes most functions offered by a hand held PDA. User friendly interface (A Nokia Speciality). Customizable fields in the contacts phone book to add or remove exta details. Web browsing is enjoyable due to the large screen. Bluetooth enabled and sync with PC is no problem and there is no need for data cable. Easily recognises other devices via Bluetooth (tried with PC, Sony6110 & XDA) Speaker phone facility is ver handy. If that was not enough it also records videos and playback is very good. Videos can be stored on the provided memory card (32Mb) however that can later be upgraded to up to 1Gb. hours of fun. Some good games available such as PinBall & good old (or New) Snake. If you are use to tiny phones such as Nokia 8310 or Semines SL55 then you will find this phone a hand full i.e. in size but you get use to it after a while. Its not that much heavier weighing at 125g. Overall a great phone especially if you need to sync with PC contact and keep track of your appointments etc.

Date: 5-/-0/2004
Time: 31: 1
From: Renier Malabanan
Comments: I always change my unit almost every month. but til now, i consider this phone as my buddy that's why i didn't thought of sellin this one. primarily due to its good features. as what i've said on my previous review, its expensive but handle my task. there should be an upgrade of this fone which do have a built in radio.

Date: 5-/-0/2004
Time: 10: 0
From: Renier Malabanan
Comments: ive bin using this fone since january. one of d best fone evr by nokia. only missin is d radio. im expecting that dis fone possesses all features but thats d only one missin. d rest are good. its expensive but useful as it is.

Date: 5-/-0/2004
Time: 05: 1
From: g
Comments: its a very good phone in general. really loved it but got tired of it very fast. i think a phone with a camera is not so entertaining.
ngage... thats my winner. games ,music, what more would u ask for...

Date: 4-/-0/2004
Time: 29: 0
From: ibo
Comments: slm

Date: 4-/-0/2004
Time: 28: 1
From: Saqib
Comments: this is the best phone i have ever used can someone tell from where can i get the mp3 player for the phone and how do i install it

Date: 3-/-0/2004
Time: 24: 0
From: gfhgfh
Comments: It's more beautiful

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