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Panasonic G60 Series Review - a detailed review with user comments about the Panasonic G60.

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Panasonic G60 Reviews

Panasonic Mobile Communications Co., Ltd., unveiled at this year's CeBIT its newest medium range handset, the G60. The slim handset has a new rounder design, with higher quality materials and reduced dimensions. It is 104mm x 47mm x 19mm in size and with a weight of only 85g, it offers increased portability for all. This model has a 4,096 color STN display with an active resolution of 128 x 128 pixels and full support for wallpapers, animations, and photos. There is full dual band and GPRS support, as well as a version for North America that supports the 850 and 1900 MHz bands. The G60 handset features a WAP 2.0 Browser, SMS, EMS, and MMS send/receive support as well as an optional VGA camera attachment that offers photos with a resolution of up to 640x480 pixels. The G60, Panasonic's latest youth model, is expected to hit markets after the first weeks of summer 2003 at an affordable price. More info on this model will be available the following months.

Reviews Submitted

Date: 3-/-0/2007
Time: 20: 1
From: Kiran
Comments: I restarted my phone and after that I am also facing 'try later' problem in G60.

Not able to access phonebook and messages.

Help will be appreciated.


Date: 3-/-0/2007
Time: 14: 0
From: Mahesh
Comments: Hi .. I have Panasonic G60 which I had been using since last 2 years and is working fine. If anybody is intrested in purchasing then may contact me. I am in Delhi(India)

Date: 7-/-0/2005
Time: 09: 0
From: Jonathan
Comments: some of my chart melodies are fuzzy on the speakers can anyone help me please email me if u can

Date: 6-/-0/2005
Time: 23: 1
From: sanjeev
Comments: hi, i hv panasonic G60 mobile set. i want to load new wallpaper, ringtones, more....plz tell me from where i get related software for this. i already hv data cable....

Date: 2-/-1/2004
Time: 06: 1
From: Debdas
Comments: To activate GPRS on this phone for Airtel, contact Airtel Customer service on 121. They will give the information to activate masala services. After 2-3 working days, you will need to take the G60 phone to Airtel's customer service center to get it configured for GPRS. You can find the nearest customer service office by calling 121.

Date: 2-/-1/2004
Time: 04: 1
From: Imran Ahmad
Comments: Battery Backup is less than other phone And please send ring tone and wallpaper.

Date: 1-/-1/2004
Time: 30: 1
From: Rahul
Comments: Hi,

Can somebody tell me how to activate GPRS on this phone for Airtel and Hutch (Delhi) service providers.



Date: 1-/-1/2004
Time: 30: 0
From: saji
Comments: my mobile phone software has been erassed there is no display only screen light there and no other function except the light weather the software can be reloaded in the phone

kindly intimate as soon as possibnle


Date: 1-/-1/2004
Time: 14: 0
From: Saravanan
Comments: I want data cable for Paasonic G60. I am in India. Also I am not able to connect to Airtel GPRS services. Please advise me.

Date: 1-/-1/2004
Time: 04: 0
From: julz
Comments: I hav this fone n i rang up vodafone (cuz thats my servise provider) and they told me how 2 install it n then in the nxt couple of hours the fone went blank and wouldnt turn on n so it had 2 go back 2 panasonic 2 get repaired and it took ages 2 cum bak so i dont recoment u download the internet and i wont 2 no how 2 get more games. luv ya

Date: 1-/-1/2004
Time: 03: 0
From: Sandeep Dua
Comments: I have this coolcell for the past six months yup its a cool phone, n the graphics r amazing acording to the price.i downloaded lots of wallpapers,poly ringtons n other cool stuff. But yeh i m not get the data cable n camera for this yet.Plz tell me if anyone knows where to get these in INDIA.

Date: 1-/-1/2004
Time: 02: 1
From: umer zaheer
Comments: hi
im have g60 panasonic mobile im want its software tell me where im get it

Date: 0-/-1/2004
Time: 17: 0
From: fed up
Comments: i have the problem with try later ..both in the message menu as well as the phone book ! can anyone help me out ?

Date: 0-/-1/2004
Time: 05: 1
From: Jon
Comments: Good phone, but the screen is flimsy and cracked during general wear & tear after 3 months and the screen cannot be replaced!

Date: 0-/-1/2004
Time: 05: 1
From: Jon
Comments: Good phone, but the screen is flimsy and cracked during general wear & tear after 3 months and the screen cannot be replaced!

Date: 9-/-0/2004
Time: 25: 0
From: rachel
Comments: i have got a panasonic g60 but i cant find anywhere to buy the camera for it. do you no where i can buy it from

Date: 9-/-0/2004
Time: 23: 1
From: paul
Comments: i found this fone to b verry handy but i still cant receive pics & ringtones i dont know y if any 1 knows please tell me thanx.

Date: 9-/-0/2004
Time: 10: 0
From: narbahadurgc
Comments: please contact me if u facing 'try later'
thank u

Date: 8-/-0/2004
Time: 18: 2
From: rensh
Comments: i have a motorola v300 ad i have been offered the chance to trade it for a panasonic gd87e, cud 1 of u tell me how many sms messages the gd87e holds in its inbox as that is one feature i would like to know about, also do u fink it would be a good deal swappin a motorola v300 for a panasonic gd87e?


Date: 8-/-0/2004
Time: 17: 1
From: philip shiel
Comments: i think panasonic g60 is cool as the graphics are cool and i know how to get free animations and wallpapers . any you find on this pc you r on now.

Date: 8-/-0/2004
Time: 06: 2
From: titu
Comments: I have purchased a set of Panasonic G60.But I am facing some problems with the set.Its sound I think very low.If i go some far away from the set its hardly i can hear the sound . The outlet of its sound is in the back side, so when i place the set on the bed the sound comes very lowerly. Another problem is, i m not finding data cable for the set. I am from Dhaka,Bangladesh.Can anyone help me?

Date: 8-/-0/2004
Time: 02: 1
From: hussein saad
Comments: I have a panasonic g60,but iam in iraq and here idont have data cable,and please tell me could you give me the lock no. and the software for programming it

Date: 7-/-0/2004
Time: 31: 0
From: bobby
Comments: hi can anybody tell me where can i find a data cable for Panasonic G60 in INDIA

Date: 7-/-0/2004
Time: 28: 0
From: Karina
Comments: This phone is really kool, the features are great and it's kinda different to alot of other phones, i love the sound and ringtones too!

Date: 7-/-0/2004
Time: 21: 1
From: Anuj mathur
Comments: I have purchased G60 in Feb 04 and since then two times its display was lost. I was told that its software was lost and two times it is sent to Service Centre Delhi but still giving problems. Please help me

Date: 7-/-0/2004
Time: 14: 1
From: Jez_Gafys
Comments: You can buy the camera direct from Panasonic but they are expensive at 67.00. In the UK you can get the phone and camera + o2 Sim for 99.99

Date: 7-/-0/2004
Time: 06: 0
From: Marcus
Comments: I live in Australia, where can I buy the optional camera MCG 60 for my Pansonic G60 mobile? Can I buy it in Australia or do I have to buy it from an overseas website?

Date: 7-/-0/2004
Time: 01: 2
From: July
Comments: i've GD60 has lots of cool features. is very funny and easy to use. but where can find the data cable help me.

Date: 6-/-0/2004
Time: 29: 0
From: Nitin jain
Comments: If You are facing the Problem 'Try Later' in your G60 Handset.Its a very common Problem in G60.Solution is very simple just try out some different SIM in your handset and if with any SIM it gets Enter into that Part of the Memeory ,empty your Message Inbox.Basically its the memory swaping Problem.
In case of any other help feel free to contact me @

Date: 6-/-0/2004
Time: 16: 2
From: becky
Comments: i live in england, UK - and i was wondering is my phone will work in Cyprus/ Greece. I know its dual band but will it still work? please help

Date: 6-/-0/2004
Time: 16: 0
From: Michael
Comments: Hey Anthony, I'm in Syd Australia.
I've just went to the Vodafone shop and they were selling G60 for $180(including $80 call)

I'm deciding between GD55($119) or GD60

Date: 6-/-0/2004
Time: 12: 1
From: Anthony
Comments: i have a panasonic G60 Phone and i wnat to know if anybody knows where to get them from in (Queensland, Australia, Brisbane)

Date: 5-/-0/2004
Time: 24: 1
From: Saravanan
Comments: I am not getting data cable for G60. Can anyone help me? Where can I get the data cable for this phone??? Thanks

Date: 5-/-0/2004
Time: 20: 0
From: puneet gaur
Comments: i have panasoic g 60 phone . which data cable i use to connect my phone to computer? frome where i can get it in india?

Date: 5-/-0/2004
Time: 15: 0
From: alex
Comments: panasonic is a very cool brand and g60 has lots of cool features but can i attach a camera .
please email me and tell me cost

Date: 5-/-0/2004
Time: 13: 1
From: naresh
Comments: pls help me some one , initially i faced problems in sending messages and in accessing the tel directory , now i cant able to make out going call also,
the call gets ending automatically.
i just got 1 1/2 months back iam facing problems continously

Date: 5-/-0/2004
Time: 06: 2
From: michael baxter
Comments: can u plz tell were i can get my hands on a data cable for my phone. i have been all over the place to find one but keepcoming up with nothing. no one seems to no anything at all .so if u can help me that will be great.its for a g60 (eb-rsg60.thanx

Date: 4-/-0/2004
Time: 28: 1
Comments: my panasonic g60 mobile has lost it's display suddenly. no hardware damage. i m in india state tamilnadu. try to help. where to contact ?

Date: 4-/-0/2004
Time: 27: 1
From: Ashwani
Comments: My Self Ashwani from Delhi(India).Can u explain me,I have a panasonic G60 for last six month. I want attatch a camera. Can it possible, If YES then give a address purchess a camera

Date: 4-/-0/2004
Time: 24: 0
From: Kim
Comments: I have a panasonic g60, and i believe it is a very practical phone. Easy to use, & lots of funky features...

Date: 4-/-0/2004
Time: 20: 1
From: chetan
Comments: Amazing set. Hope not to face any problem.

Date: 3-/-0/2004
Time: 15: 1
From: bala
Comments: not able to access phone book & call records ,it is displaying "try later..."

Date: 3-/-0/2004
Time: 04: 1
From: daniel goode
Comments: how do you access the web on this phone.while downloading a ringtone it says my phone is not supported

You need to visit your service providers website to find out the wap settings, also make sure the service you subscribe to has this as part of the package

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