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Ring Tones

Panasonic GD55 Series Review - a detailed review with user comments about the Panasonic GD55.

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Panasonic GD55 Reviews

Take the GD55 anywhere you go. This new mobile phone is so small, thin and lightweight -- it weighs just 65 grams -- that you can wear it like an accessory or slip it into a pocket. And with a neatly curved design and three colours to choose from, the GD55 looks smart and stylish.

The large LCD screen shows up to four lines of text, so even long messages are easy to read. The logical layout of the keys makes for easy, intuitive operation -- even if you've never owned a mobile phone before.

Use the GD55 to explore a whole new kind of communication. You can send text messages to other EMS-compatible mobile phones, and even attach images or sound using EMS: Enhanced Messaging Services.

The GD55 comes with a variety of built-in ring tones, and you can create your own ring tones with a rich, 4-tone polyphonic sound.

Reviews Submitted

Date: 3-/-0/2006
Time: 23: 1
From: joe
Comments: this is a good phone.but finding aringtone is hard.

Date: 0-/-1/2005
Time: 14: 0
From: ashley
Comments: the phone is great in size, style and looks but the ring tones need to be improved by finding a site. please send me the site.

Date: 6-/-0/2005
Time: 26: 2
From: Cosmos Nwosu
Comments: I love the phone but don`t know how to compose music using it as i find it difficult to understand the functions of the buttons when composing, for instanceSEMICOLON 16d#2, i don`t know how to use the button and get it. Pls kindly send all the information i requestion to my email box.

Date: 6-/-0/2005
Time: 14: 1
From: shyam
Comments: any body from bangalore using this model phone plz mail me becaz i am not able to use this phone due to settings

Date: 5-/-0/2005
Time: 29: 1
From: ravi
Comments: hi i am ravi i have GD55 its really wonderfull and it is very easy to handling but i am not getting it hoe to compose new ringtones in this so please send me a composer note of latest ringtones to my mail

Date: 2-/-1/2004
Time: 13: 2
From: Kathy
Comments: I would like to what sites can help me out with the melody composer. Please email me ASAP

Date: 1-/-1/2004
Time: 01: 1
From: katieburgess
Comments: i have had two of these phone and both time the back as broken off but i love the size of it i lost 7 phone last year this one is going nowhere it fit so nice into my pocket

Date: 0-/-1/2004
Time: 16: 2
From: Ansar
Comments: i bought gd from i am in uk but the mobile is not accepting any sim pls let me know how i can overcome this.

Date: 0-/-1/2004
Time: 04: 0
From: Just Meldo
Comments: cute phone but my phone speaker is not working but handsfree, how can i fix this problem? tnx

Date: 9-/-0/2004
Time: 28: 1
From: Gem
Comments: Love the phone ! I've searched and searched the internet but nowhere seems to do ringtones for it, if any one knows of anywhere please help us !!

Date: 9-/-0/2004
Time: 28: 1
From: sharky
Comments: i love this fun but i can't find any ringtones that i can download into it, if you you know any website with ringtones for the GD55 plz send them to me

Date: 9-/-0/2004
Time: 24: 1
From: ommer farooq
Comments: Great phone.cute,stylish and easy to use.but ringtone problem as everyone mentioned up.please email if you know where to get good ringtones.thank you

Date: 9-/-0/2004
Time: 21: 1
From: jignesh chauhan
Comments: yeah phone is to good but how can i download ring tone and my phone speaker is not working but hand-free is working i can i solve this problme.

Date: 9-/-0/2004
Time: 19: 1
From: chanti
Comments: i could nt find hw to down load the ringtones,plzzzzz do let me knw hw and where exactly i can download them frm....

Date: 9-/-0/2004
Time: 12: 2
From: anmarie
Comments: u can get composer tones from universal ringtones.

Date: 9-/-0/2004
Time: 11: 0
From: melissa
Comments: i can not find a way to get ringtones on to my Gd55... i am really cut up about it... if anyone knows how, please let me know... other tan that the phone is great... i love it

Date: 9-/-0/2004
Time: 09: 0
From: Risa
Comments: Yeah this cell is so cute... but like every1 else i dunno how 2 download ringtones sum of these ringtones are a bit boring but as for the rest its all gud!

Date: 9-/-0/2004
Time: 07: 0
From: mohib
Comments: GD55 is a cute cell phone, very light, and very nice. but how can we download latest ringtones

Date: 9-/-0/2004
Time: 04: 0
From: Nix*-
Comments: I nedd to know if there are a way to make an update at this cellphone?
game,ringtone or something like that..

Date: 8-/-0/2004
Time: 30: 1
From: Bixybabe
Comments: Love the size of the GD55- compact, stylish and lightSEMICOLON only hang-ups are the lack of downloadable tones and the occasional freezing.

Date: 8-/-0/2004
Time: 29: 1
Comments: The phone itself is really good it is a good size and easy to use.but as with everyone else you cant download tones.please email if anyone knows how thanks

Date: 8-/-0/2004
Time: 26: 1
From: alisha
Comments: i love my phone cuz its so cute but where can i find ringtones or tunes that i can compose myself?please e mail me if u know of any websites?

Date: 8-/-0/2004
Time: 18: 0
From: Naz
Comments: Very small and cute. Good handfree feature. But i am facing problem with ringtone composer. Please inform me from where i will get information about composing ringtones..... please

Date: 8-/-0/2004
Time: 16: 1
From: joanne
Comments: I would like to know if I would be able to download rings on my Panasonic GD55 cellphone here in Trinidad

Date: 7-/-0/2004
Time: 10: 0
From: nikhilesh
Comments: anyhow i want ringtone for phone iknow its agreat phone in this world so send some great tunes or tell me abuot a site

Date: 7-/-0/2004
Time: 10: 0
From: RACH
Comments: im inlove with my gd55 shes so cute

Date: 7-/-0/2004
Time: 08: 1
From: latha
Comments: Great phone.cute,stylish and easy to use.but ringtone problem as everyone mentioned up.please email if you know where to get good ringtones.thank you

Date: 7-/-0/2004
Time: 03: 1
From: Abhishek
Comments: great phone.cute,stylish and easy to use.but ringtone problem as everyone mentioned up.please email if you know where to get its ringtone.thank you

Date: 6-/-0/2004
Time: 27: 1
From: Monika
Comments: I brought this phone yesterday after my Samsung E715 fell into the toilet and does not work.....It is a very cute phone, very feminim..I would like to know where I can get Ringtones for this phone...I am sure they're are websites out there that show you songs to compose on the phone.....just have to find them

Date: 6-/-0/2004
Time: 24: 1
From: Noel
Comments: Im having trouble with my phone lately as it keeps freezing on me.Does anyone else have this problem.

Date: 6-/-0/2004
Time: 17: 1
From: rahul
Comments: mobile is cute its comfortable to put in pockets but one thing i dont like is that we cant download anything

Date: 6-/-0/2004
Time: 17: 0
From: Bess
Comments: Groovy phone, ever so cute. If any West Aussies out there want a cover, i got mine from Fone EZY, Picadilly Arcade in Perth City

Date: 6-/-0/2004
Time: 13: 0
From: zoe
Comments: LOVE it...its the cutest phone never..but cand find any toes to downloead..cant fin ne comopser tones..y's this? hpw can i find them?

Date: 6-/-0/2004
Time: 08: 0
From: pink gd55
Comments: Does ne one know where i can get composer ringtones i can't find it anywhere

Date: 6-/-0/2004
Time: 04: 2
From: aman
Comments: great phone, very stylish... but no downloadle tones, please email me if u no where i can get tones to enter into the composer:)

Date: 5-/-0/2004
Time: 12: 1
From: Daniel
Comments: Hi all, i own a Gd55, they are cool phones, but i cant find composer tones anywhere, can someone help me with this? where can i find customes composer tones, or ringtones if any?

Date: 5-/-0/2004
Time: 08: 0
From: thasneem_sk
Comments: no ringtone downloads no picture messages no operator logos why this phone?

Date: 5-/-0/2004
Time: 02: 1
From: Harlow
Comments: this fone is great i just wanna no where i can get some good rigetones for it from (garage ringetones)

Date: 4-/-0/2004
Time: 28: 0
From: thu
Comments: mad phone.. very small.. can't find any cases for it but.. disspointed

Date: 4-/-0/2004
Time: 22: 2
From: SMI
Comments: Very cute looking piece. I think, it is the smallest piece. Very powerful tones, but cannot dowload tones. Looks very attractive.

Date: 4-/-0/2004
Time: 21: 0
From: penelope
Comments: i like my fone, its small and compact! but as other people i can not get ring tones and i dont like the composer! emial me please

Date: 4-/-0/2004
Time: 16: 0
From: bob
Comments: I really like mine so far. Unfortunately you can't download ringtones for it, but the composer feature is good.

Date: 4-/-0/2004
Time: 05: 0
From: Cynthia
Comments: It is so small and cute, unfourtanetly it is not that easy to talk on because of this I wouldn;t get one if you talk on your phone a lot, but I love mine to bits.

Date: 3-/-0/2004
Time: 18: 1
From: Sarah
Comments: its so hard to find tones for these mobiles where can i find them email me

Date: 3-/-0/2004
Time: 16: 0
From: sho
Comments: i have this mobile gd55 so i want to receive a tone or if u have this feculity to send me the tone numbers like (1001) so please mail me ok

Date: 3-/-0/2004
Time: 09: 1
From: Jodie
Comments: This is a really good phone n its so small and light!the only bad thing i would say is trying to get ring tones for it.

Date: 0-/-0/0000
Time: 00: 0
From: gd55lover
Comments: I love my phone. I love how small it is. It fits anywhere. people think you cant hear the person on the phone or they cant hear you, but you can. its cute, tiny, and the ringer is loud so i can hear it no problem

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