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Siemens A50 Series Review - a detailed review with user comments about the Siemens A50.

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Siemens A50 Reviews

A phone to get the message across without any fuss. Enjoy all that really matters. If you need all the comfort, without any fuss, have a look at the new A50. It’s small, chic and got all functions a modern phone should offer. Nothing less. You’ll like the round curves or “must touch” buttons. And you’ll love the functionality. The lightweight (97 grams) and coolly designed phone got extended standby of over 10 days and 5 hours of talk time. With programmable one-touch Quickdial keys you’ve got faster access to functions and phone numbers, WAP or the integrated games. Alarm, date and real time clock are standard. Beside these essentials there is so much more to use and to add maximum comfort and fun: With EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service) you can simply add pictures or sounds to your extra long SMS! With Calling Faces you add a face to your display and see in a flash who’s calling you – an extra smile to every call. You can store up to 50 additional numbers in your phone – plenty of space. Anyhow, the A50 is designed for getting the message across, with minimum fuss. Equipped with a WAP 1.2.1 browser the A50 lets you access the online world. So surf the mobile Internet or add some personal touches with ringtones, screensavers and bitmaps to download. Style the A50 to your taste with a multitude of fashionable exchangeable CLIPit Covers in smart and trendy colors. The CLIPit Covers Graphic add some extra touches with their special designs. Other Siemens Original Accessories like a wide range of chargers, carrying cases and car solutions match your individual needs and express your personal style.

Reviews Submitted

Date: 4-/-0/2006
Time: 15: 0
From: Tim
Comments: My first mobile. Had it for a year or so. It's pretty simple to use, and doesn't have lots of unnecessary frills. The battery (650mAh Li-Ion) lasts for several days on standby. But the biggest frustration is that it's incredibly slow to start up (almost 2 minutes before the SIM card data become accessible) and frequently crashes when reading to or writing from the SIM (saving txt messages or using the addressbook) - the screen freezes on 'Please wait'SEMICOLON the only fix is to disconnect the battery momentarily... very shoddy software, and utterly infuriating. I'm about to replace it.

Date: 7-/-0/2005
Time: 20: 1
From: redloaf
Comments: oh man
i like this phone very much but now it has been locked...what i must do...

Date: 4-/-0/2005
Time: 27: 2
From: tiganea dan
Comments: My A50 has been locked in one network,and i want to unlock i need a code free please help my .

Date: 4-/-0/2005
Time: 19: 1
From: costi
Comments: This phone is great and i like it very much!!!!!!!

Date: 2-/-0/2005
Time: 19: 0
From: MegaMike 64
Comments: I rather like this phone myself. It's small, light, and has a nice clear screen. It also seems to work in places where my friends' Nokia's go blank with no coverage. While it doesn't ring very loud (much to the chargrin of people trying to get in contact with me :)), my main issue with it is those damned combo buttons: while I've found a fairly fool-proof way of making them work (place your thumb in the centre, and rock it left or right as required), I can see arthritis coming my way. But as a phone, I very much like it. People who knock it because they can't get ringtones/pictures/games for it, go get a 'it's-not-a-phone-it's-a-fashion-accessory' Nokia or similar, and leave this poor device alone.

Date: 2-/-1/2004
Time: 11: 1
From: First Mobile
Comments: It seems that most of the people who complain about this telephone are not interested in using it as a telephone. They seem to want to use it as a computer game, or to impress people with the cool ringtones they have. Perhaps this is not the one for you if that is what interests you. Some of the complaints and questions above can be addressed by reading the manual. In addition, I am shocked at how bad most of these people are at spelling. Speaking for myself, this is my first mobile telephone, and all I need it for is just that, a telephone. For that function it works well. Although I am not heavily into text messaging, it seems fine for that as well.

Date: 1-/-1/2004
Time: 28: 1
From: Edwin
Comments: The phone is Okey but it is problematic when somebody feeds 3 wrong phone codes.

Date: 0-/-1/2004
Time: 30: 1
From: JA
Comments: I have found an A50 but the keypad is locked... is it possible to unlock it??

Date: 0-/-1/2004
Time: 26: 1
From: sandra
Comments: Can you please tell me what the phonecode is for the siemensA50

Date: 0-/-1/2004
Time: 10: 1
From: ram
Comments: my phonecode is locked how can i get it?

Date: 0-/-1/2004
Time: 10: 1
From: andre
Comments: my A50 phonecode has disable please send me the code

Date: 0-/-1/2004
Time: 01: 1
From: Dineo
Comments: hi i enjoy using this phone. my problem is that i cannot access internet in my phone and it required manual setting ive done it so it is still bothering me, i cannot download ringtones even wall papers please help.

Date: 9-/-0/2004
Time: 30: 1
From: michael
Comments: phonecode locked

Date: 9-/-0/2004
Time: 24: 2
From: issac crotty
Comments: i like my siemens a50 but it pisses me off that i cant get ring tones for it any where the games are ok. can some body give me a site to get ring tones for my vodafone siemens a50 please!!!!

Date: 9-/-0/2004
Time: 23: 1
From: Dawood
Comments: please tell me the default code for the phone thanks

Date: 9-/-0/2004
Time: 19: 0
From: stephanie
Comments: i have a siemens a50 i like it as i can download kool ringtones for it but the games r crap and i also like the size of it 2

Date: 9-/-0/2004
Time: 15: 1
From: sal
Comments: this is a really crappy fone,i have tries in vain to get some decent ring tones and the website sends u round the bloody houses...can u get ring tones or not for this thing.It freezes all the time have had it fixed twice in 1 year from Crap Siemens sales people who speak to u like ur a fone nerd...maybe i am!!!!!!!!


Date: 9-/-0/2004
Time: 13: 1
From: Pete
Comments: For me the phone has worked fine. The games are not that great, but if you want to play games in your phone... get N-Gage. Anyways, if you don't care about the extra crap in the phone (i.e. if you need only text messages and phone) then this should be good enough for you.

Date: 8-/-0/2004
Time: 29: 2
From: Joe Fox
Comments: I regret buying this mobile,it always freezes when im texting and retrieving, I think the phone is a utter joke.

Date: 8-/-0/2004
Time: 24: 1
From: sipho kalela
Comments: i have lost my setings on my phone. my phone is locked it uses Moscom but i want to change it to Celtel

Date: 8-/-0/2004
Time: 23: 1
From: Addie boy
Comments: Tis phone is the most annoying I have ever had. I have been trying to send a text message for two hours and just can not understand the options that it keep giving me. My tip is don't throw the instructions away or your probably have to throw the phone away.

Date: 8-/-0/2004
Time: 23: 1
From: Addie boy
Comments: Tis phone is the most annoying I have ever had. I have been trying to send a text message for two hours and just can not understand the options that it keep giving me. My tip is don't throw the instructions away or your probably have to throw the phone away.

Date: 8-/-0/2004
Time: 23: 1
From: Gill
Comments: This phone is shittySEMICOLON it crashes for days and i can't recieve texts then it might start working again or not. I've had it replaced but it keeps doing it. SHIT

Date: 8-/-0/2004
Time: 19: 1
From: Lorraine
Comments: oh! what e phone, i was trying to download some ringtones on this phone but it didn't work. can you please give me some ideas, what other ways i can use to download ringtones on my cellphone???

Date: 8-/-0/2004
Time: 17: 2
From: KingXor
Comments: You lot should see that this phone is not designed to be a fashion accessory. People are losing touch with reality. This phone calls people and recieves calls. It also retrieves text messages... the other stuff is just for fun... its extremely sad that you want to play games on a mobile... GET YOURSELVES A PS2 OR XBOX. Ringtones are there to alert you when someone calls. unless your sound is not working... the ringtone fulfils its job. Pay the money or stop complaining.

Date: 8-/-0/2004
Time: 14: 2
From: Sean
Comments: This phone is brilliant, definatly the best i have ever owned! Far better than my Nokia 6600.

Date: 8-/-0/2004
Time: 13: 1
From: professional
Comments: It's quicker to find a BT phone box than use this garbage. Cats and fish dancing around all over the place. to look at and a compulsory phonecode to enter every time before you can use the thing. Phones4U must have seen me coming !

Date: 8-/-0/2004
Time: 08: 1
From: Emma
Comments: I hate this phone its my first one and i rly think it stinks.... you cant compose tones the games are really bad n poor quality i get bored ov them after around 20 secs!! and its rly hard to find ringtones and backgrounds for this phone PLEASE DO SUMTHIN!!!!!!!

Date: 8-/-0/2004
Time: 04: 2
From: charlotte
Comments: This phone is REALLY ANNOYING! It crashes all the time when trying to retrieve messages, and then i'm left with no messages for 2/3 days till it decides to behave. Grump.

Date: 8-/-0/2004
Time: 03: 2
From: Ross
Comments: This is undoubtedly the worst mobile I've ever owned. Crappy little double function buttons. A wealth of pointless features I neither understand nor want. Murky screen - looks like one of those 99p video game you get for the kids in the petrol station. Buttons too close together - useless at night. Present from my wife so I'm stuck with it for a few months until I can conveniently drop it. German aren't they. Like Mercedes. I won't be buying one of them now either

Date: 7-/-0/2004
Time: 27: 1
From: Esthy
Comments: I have this model and would be pleased if i would get more musical tones, also games and screensavers, thanx

I wanted to enter the second pin for security reasons, does it mean I can't use the same as the pin 1

Date: 7-/-0/2004
Time: 21: 2
From: kayley
Comments: my phone freezes all the time and stops me getting msgs. i've managed to get one screensaver from a friend which she paid £4.50 for!!! the phone is rubbish i really regret buying it!

Date: 7-/-0/2004
Time: 19: 2
From: serena a
Comments: dis modle is well rubbish cuse u cant get ringtones logos or screen savers plus the internet is up the creck so u should sort it out and we should get it or whats da point in getting dat phone cuse i aint never getting it again!!! bye

Date: 7-/-0/2004
Time: 19: 2
From: serena a
Comments: dis modle is well rubbish cuse u cant get ringtones logos or screen savers plus the internet is up the creck so u should sort it out and we should get it or whats da point in getting dat phone cuse i aint never getting it again!!! bye

Date: 7-/-0/2004
Time: 10: 1
From: greenie
Comments: I like it but its a bit heavy and i wish you could create ur own ringtones... plus i cant find any phone cases,in the is too boring....

Date: 6-/-0/2004
Time: 23: 0
From: david asare-bediako
Comments: My A50 has been disabled phonecode,I used the *#0606# etc but couldnot unlock it.

Date: 6-/-0/2004
Time: 18: 0
From: Skyla
Comments: this fone is okay although it annoys me that you cant create your own ringtones. You cant get free ringtones or pictures on dis fone! you cant hav a logo or screen saver. but other wise this fone is small and compact.

Date: 6-/-0/2004
Time: 10: 2
From: salvador
Comments: hey dudes, its wel annoyin cos u cant get free ringtones or pictures on dis fone! PLZ DO SUM THING BOUT IT!!

Date: 5-/-0/2004
Time: 28: 1
From: caroline jones
Comments: just one problem with this model is the volume,its just not verry loud,other than that,its very compact,perfect for a lady.

Date: 5-/-0/2004
Time: 23: 1
From: Sami
Comments: Hey, i like my siemens but i wish i could get FREE ringtones and logos. other phones and i wish i could persoalise my phone with the songs i like.

Date: 5-/-0/2004
Time: 22: 1
From: khushhal
Comments: hi,what is the phonecode and pincode by default my siemens A50?help me thanx

Date: 5-/-0/2004
Time: 14: 1
Comments: Please could you send me a users guide,as i have lost mine.

Date: 4-/-0/2004
Time: 23: 0
From: waseem khan
Comments: Respected Sir,
i nead a phone manager fo siemens a55
i have that mobile software please send me a mail. i will very thankfull to u

your truly,
waseem khan niazi

Date: 3-/-0/2004
Time: 29: 0
From: like it. Because its small,simple,and not really confusing....

Date: 3-/-0/2004
Time: 17: 1
From: ryan
Comments: i want it cant they send free ringtones to a siemans a50 it said you can in the google web search

Date: 3-/-0/2004
Time: 16: 1
From: Razib
Comments: This is too bad quality mobile in mobile world.

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